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Rarquel provides free professional looking inspirational wallpapers available to download for your lock screen.


- The Rarquel brand was missing a strong visual identity.

- Website needed to communicate effectively to the user how to save the wallpaper.

- Emphasize to the user that they can request wallpapers form Rarquel.


To create a dominant visual identity we created a logo that featured the full name of Rarquel. The thought process behind featuring the full name of Rarquel in the logo was to avoid the possibility of a user making a grammatical error in the spelling of Rarquel if the user ever wanted to search the name.

After some user experience tests we determined that the simplest and quickest way possible to educate the user how to save the wallpaper to their photo roll on their mobile device was through the use of words. Carefully crafting a sentence in a way that the user will understand how to complete the desired action was all it took to have the user successfully complete the desired outcome.

To bring emphasis to the user that Rarquel offers a request feature, we made sure to give equal attention to the request button as for the heading text by aligning both elements parallel to each other. To further show the significance of the request button, the button was filled with a bright teal color drawing attention opposed to the black hero color.

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